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BMU is an ongoing project dedicated to building the infrastructure needed to create a truly decentralized Internet and Text, Video and phone system. The BMU Protocol blockchain is small but based on various operating systems in the world, Our coin is very scalable and private with easy availability to create decentralized projects in the BMU environment.

Going forward we hope to make privacy our number one goal for all of our users and partners.Our main goal is to keep all user data private and completely untraceable

As our community grows, We hope our coin is central to development of the new internet and hope we communicate with each other without compromising our information other companies steal,abuse and sell.

White Paper

Phase 1

Initial coin sell. Coins will be sold on our website to generate the funds needed to develop our first decentralized blockchain chat application as well as develop a new website / infrastructure. This new application will be available on Android, Pc and IOS as a stand alone application. Early adopters will always be the first in the know for all further business and app development. Purchases add users to the playlist. Control of tokens / coins belong to all holders.

The main goal of this coin / token: Is for application uses to create a SMS network that does not need to be connected to central servers, or other networks being completely P2P at the same time utilizing the current internet system to advance the new system by any means necessary.

Initial users who install this Messenger/Social program/ application will establish the framework needed to start our secured database and network just by having the app installed and stored on their devices. We will utilize users of our applications to be the backbone of our 2nd product, goals and upgrade plans for the future that will be utilized by the earlyadopters and developers alike.

Phase 2

Using the data and systems in place from phase 1 messenger service we will focus on adding video and voice to the system. The next step will be creating a free website service available only to users of our product. During this time we hope to gain user satisfaction with hopes of our network acceptance across various regions growing. Growing to be an acceptable medium.

Phase 3

Our phase 3 goal is a 1:1 coin swap to our new wallet hosted completely independently on our new decentralized P2P,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth blockchain enabled network. At this time users connections to traditional networks will still be utilized by the network until further adoption allows us to disconnect.

Phase 4

Adoption of a OSI modeled infrastructure completely disconnected from the traditional working system of the internet as we know it. This adoption will make the internet obsolete. Web hosting, ISP services and all other users of the current Internet will be obsolete. Routers will become connective servers connecting all devices, users will be able to expand the network and connectivity with antennas and existing dishes from satellite companies. The benefit of this new free internet will be the motivation for people to adapt and share this technology for the benefit of mankind.

Phase 5

The final coin swap is also 1000:1. It facilitates a complete and secure wallet transaction downloaded an hosted only on the new BMU network. The new BMU4 system network available which creates this resource will become the oz prominent masternode needed for the free network and transactions to be independant.

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