What is $LOLLY? LOLLYPOP BULK CANDY CRYPTO! Send and receive CANDY! 1st BULK CANDY CRYPTO COIN! LOLLYPOP CRYPTO COIN ($LOLLY) allows you to Send or Receive BULK CANDY / Gourmet Liquorices / Chocolates with Same Day Delivery / Amazon or (CAD) CANDY AERIAL DRONE delivered right to your doorstep within minutes or a for a specific time/date scheduled delivery. Send someone special some sweets or incentivize your kids to clean their rooms, do their homework, or do some exercises by bribing them with CANDY! Any candy they want! Think of it as a Costco full of candy and we deliver it to you in bags and arrangements. Cool right? ALSO, EARN $LOLLY REWARDS WHEN CHILDREN AND ADULTS COMPLETE ONLINE EDUCATIONAL CORSES & CERTIFICATIONS TO AQUIRE VARIOUS SKILLS, TALENTS, AND CAREER ENHANCERS. Learn to play the guitar, or take a course on Astronomy and the workings of the Universe. Maybe become CCE (Certified Crypto Expert) Certified by the BLOCKCHAIN COUNCIL. Whatever you want to learn...we can make it happen. And we will give you Swedish Fish and Junior mints for doin it. Shamless. LOLLYPOP! ($LOLLY) CANDY LOVER"S COMMUNITY & OPERATION SMILE CHARITY COIN! Choose from our selection of hundreds of the highest quality bulk candies, gourmet liquorices, and chocolates, prepared by robots, and delivered same-day through Amazon or our fleet of (CAD) Candy Aerial Drones. $LOLLY is a Candy Lover’s Community Coin. It is a deflationary coin so the more you hold, the more $LOLLY coin you earn. Send $LOLLY CANDY ARRANGEMENTS to friends and family for birthdays or special events. 10% DONATION TO CHARITY WALLET GOING TO OPERATION SMILE AND DENTAL HYGIENE HUMANITARIAN ORGANIZATIONS. EAT MORE CANDY! SAVE SMILES! TOKENOMICS: TOTAL SUPPLY: 500,000,000,000 5% OF EACH TRANSACTION ADDED TO LIQUIDITY 5% OF EACH TRANSACTION REDISTRIBUTED TO HOLDERS CHARITY WALLET: 10% OPERATION SMILE CHARITY DONATION with each transaction Free, safe surgery that restores smiles. World-class medical training for local professionals, including dental and speech therapy.Safety training for local volunteers to ensure the safest care. Education programs to inform parents and communities about cleft conditions and care, with dental hygiene aid and education. Wallet Address: dfd919e7e819ab14015f073e8cf5ab0e EAT MORE CANDY! SAVE SMILES! LOLLYPOP.........POP! PUBLIC KEY: MIGnMBAGByqGSM49AgEGBSuBBAAnA4GSAAQBX2EkzJZZrTn3z3h/5bAFoOV9+66L upcmgZ5WDsPjAeshxgs2cZ9XvMKvvZUsxY0GXf9dYMn31Ina0Xs+Gl/nJnclvo86 dRwBYeDC1kuBjEz3Hz9Raxkipx/zxjwFGAvaLVu/gW1eKElEUBmaQgRKyjoiS1D5 fXwStI/fhBEapStTG8AxRpLzo/zFdudHCSg=