Welcome to Neocoins!

Neocities is awesome! One of the reasons is because of the social things you can do. But sometimes you want to give things to the community and you want to know that it's being used. You might also want something in return. Which is why Neocoins was invented! Now you can exchange Neocoins for your friends and buy stuff with it.

How to get Neocoins.

When you have created your wallet, click on Coin Drops on the top bar. Then it will tell you how to use Coin Drops!

How to donate/transfer to other people.

For this example Host will be the person that will get Neocoins from User. Host: Post your Neocoin address to your website. User: Go to Transfer and copy and paste the address in the Wallet box. Then you may leave a note, this would be good to let the Host know what you wanna buy or maybe just say something nice to them. Then click on Transfer Coin Now and there you go!