What is NetboxGlobal?

The Web browser is a product that is an entry point to the Internet and its users are a huge community that is committed to network transparency and self-regulation. That is why we decided to create a blockchain-based Netbox.Browser, which is the key product of Netbox.Global infrastructure. Its’ users are distributed around the world and are able to join their forces to create a new transparent Internet access tool.

Netbox.Browser is an application for PC and mobile devices, the main function of which, in addition to access to web-resources, is to maintain the functioning of the Netbox.Chain blockchain network.

Netbox.Browser is the first web browser that does not have a centralized infrastructure: all personal data of users belong only to them and decisions on the areas of development of the product are made by the community. The Netbox.Browser infrastructure is completely transparent and distributed, as it is stored without the use of central servers in the Netbox.Chain blockchain structures. Individual addresses in the blockchain network are assigned to each web browser; these addresses can store Netbox.Coins — the currency of the Netbox.Chain blockchain network. The larger the active audience of the web browser is, the faster and more reliable transactions are conducted in the blockchain.

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